Study for a “Resurrection of Christ” (1533; Rome, Italy) by Michelangelo

Created by the eminent artist Michelangelo in 1533 in Rome, Italy, the artwork titled “Study for a ‘Resurrection of Christ’” is a fine example of Mannerism from the Late Renaissance. This chalk on paper sketch measures 17.1 by 15.5 cm and is categorized as a study, currently housed in the Louvre in Paris, France. Characteristic of Michelangelo’s work, the sketch is a testament to the artist’s preparatory process for larger and more detailed works.

The artwork reveals the dynamic and expressive nature of Michelangelo’s hand, featuring a central figure that can be interpreted as Christ in an ascending pose, surrounded by a flurry of other figures. The composition is vibrant and appears to be in motion, with the body of Christ depicted with remarkable anatomical precision, which is a hallmark of Michelangelo’s drawing style.

The figures surrounding Christ seem to be interacting with one another in a chaotic yet purposeful manner, embodying the emotional depth and complex narratives typical of Mannerist art. The fluidity of the lines and the unfinished quality of the study provide a glimpse into the artist’s creative process, demonstrating Michelangelo’s exploration of form and movement. The written annotation in the upper right corner adds to the historical and authentic value of the piece, marking it as a genuine work from the hands of the masterful Renaissance artist.


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